Listen to the founder and lead developer of Moodle, Martin Dougiamas  talk about the history and educational theories behind Moodle.

About 18 minutes into the recording, Mary explains how the course works and your tasks for Week 1. Underneath the video are your tasks for Week 1 including how to request a practice course.


During week 1, we'd like you to:

  • click to request a course.  You can decide your course name. A course will be made specially for you to practise in and you will be emailed the link .Be patient!
  • read or watch the materials in the 2 Books  in the Week 1 section and in your own course explore
    • how to lay out your course to best suit your learners
    • what blocks do and the best ones for your purposes
    • how learners access your course
  • use the Q and A forum in the top section if you have problems
  • go through the other activities in Week 1 but don't worry if you can't read all the forum posts - you don't need to.
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