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"When I first started this course, I thought it's going to be very difficult to master. However, Moodle is very easy and the best way to learn something here is to just try everything out! "

Maria Pfeifer - Germany

"...the range of facilities and tools offers huge potential. Every time we've tried something new , a light bulb has gone off and I've found myself in a 'how can I use this?' mindset."

Gary Mardell - UK

"Every time someone posts a question or gives feedback and ideas, I learn a whole lot of new tips.  This is the real spirit of a MOOC!"

Edgar Salgado García, Costa Rica

"Although I did my graduate work online and have taught face to face in classrooms for years, this Moodle course got me seriously thinking about new ways to use the online format to meaningfully connect with my students like I am accustomed to doing in a live classroom. Very informative."
Kenneth Brown - USA

"I am also a beginner. The fear has gone and now I'm ready to work with moodle. I got to know new options and ways to work with it."
Manuela Hauser - Switzerland

"I have been very surprised by the scope and depth of Moodle. I was initially expecting it to be no more than a glorified version of PowerPoint for delivering courses with a few videos with images thrown in. How wrong I have I been. I can see the depth and breadth of Moodle is only limited by what users wish to do with it."
Andrew Greenhalgh - UK

"I really like the potential that Moodle has for accessibility as well.I think it really lends itself to rural and remote users... and also for people who need to access their learning in flexible ways for other reasons such as disability, work commitments etc."
Mandi Dimitriadis - Australia

"I've been using Moodle in its most basic (as a document repository) for a while but things have clicked and i can't wait to get started using the features I now know about."
Keith Tyler - Canada

"I have been testing a few LMS lately and because of this course and also because of this supporting community, I would recommend it for others."
Lujza Szabó - Hungary

"I love that Moodle allows my students to access my subject matter and participate in my classes from anywhere in the world... even when they are sick or on vacation! I love that Moodle does the majority of the grading for me... which means I can hang out with my wife more! I love that Moodle allows me to integrate media into my curriculum with ease; this keeps my students engaged. And I love that Moodle helps prepare my students for the academic environments they will undoubtedly encounter after graduation."
Robert Saunders - Russian Federation

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